How to create compelling content for your company’s brand

We always hear our clients tell us that one of the hardest things for them is how to stay relevant in the digital space and to continue sharing content online.  We heard content was queen and in order for your content to truly stand out in the digital space there are some intentional things companies must do. We wanted to therefore share our 3 point golden rule for creating compelling content:

1. Have a social media content strategy : A social media content strategy is the overall strategy for a brand focused on the brand’s mission, vision, voice and other elements of the brand. The content strategy helps to guide businesses and their teams to ensure brand consistency and value in the market. One cannot underestimate the importance of ensuring content aligns with a company’s brand values and brand voice. From your branded hashtags, to your voice, developing a content strategy will also ensure content is shared with purpose and it it in a sense your compass for how companies should engage with their community online, build online relationships and tell others about their brand.

2. Adopt a social media calendar: A social media calendar enables brands to develop a consistent schedule for sharing content online. It also guides team members on what type of content should be posting on specific days. Having a social media is one more step towards ensuring content is consistent, strategic and ongoing.

3. Hire a professional: A lot of times, businesses start and think they can engage online by themselves, but we have found that it is critical to hire a professional to help to build out their digital elements and assets for their company. Having a professional work on a company’s content and digital strategy provides a new perspective into their company and also enables them to see things from a fresh pair of eyes. A professional can also enable one to develop measurable impact and tested approaches to ensure they are positioning the company in the digital space and meeting targets as a business.

Written by Moiyattu Banya.