Sharing responsible content with your community during covid-19

We are in a season where so much content that is shared is inaccurate, full of inconsistent information or induced with a lot of fear mongering. As a content creator or an owner of a business or company, how can you ensure that the content or services you are offering to your communty and clients is socially responsible? We share four ways:

​Be intentional: With the amount of information that has already been shared, make sure you share with a purpose. Before sharing anything that is redundant, think of what are the key benefits for sharing the information and the ways it will benefit your audience. Make sure that the content shares is aligned to your mission, vision and values of your company and most importantly to your clients. For e.g. if you are a digital marketing company, share relevant tips on marketing strategies as a business during these times.

Be compassionate: Remember that in this time, there are so many things that are negatively triggering the well-being of others. Be mindful of what you share and make sure your content has a voice of compassion. For e.g. if want to share a video to your clients about a good deal you have, make sure it’s not disingenuous and it actually aligns with the season we are in. Recently Paypal waived their transfer fees during this time and they posted a message for their customers about this adjustment. This is a prime example of a message of compassion that aligns with the services this company provides.

Be empathetic: It is important to keep in mind that the content you share has to be empathetic to the emotions of clients and what they may be going through. Whether it is a newsletter you are sending out, a blog you are posting or a social media post, think about how your clients must be feeling and ensure you craft your content or service embedded with empathetic messaging. If you sell a product, service or even create content as a blogger, make sure your content shows that you truly “feel” what others are going through . This is not the time to overload clients with a lot of unnecessary content, neither is it the time to lack empathy and pretend as if it is business as usual. Slow down think and then develop your content. For e.g. we are currently running a campaign for one of our clients and when the COVID-19 epidemic ensued, we took a 1 week break brainstormed with our team on how to move forward. As we moved forward in this season, we send messages focusing on hope and inspiration during this time as a means of uplifting the community the stories are shared with.

Be Informative: Host a Training for your staff and do a brainstorm of specials you can offer to your clients or the type of information you can share to them at this time. If you decide to share information to keep your clients updated, make sure your information is accurate and up to date. If you are a business and are thinking of ways to stay engaged to make sales, get creative! For e.g. If you are a business that operates solely out of a storefront, offer gift certificates, target upcoming holidays such as mothers day and make sales around the holiday.

The most important thing during this time is to ensure that you are thinking of your clients’ well being, safety and convenience. As a business you want to come out of this with intergrity and with deeper relationships with your clients. We hope these tips help you and we wish you well in this season.